Putting People First Through Responsible Organic Productions.


Wholesum™ has been committed to organic production for a third of it's existence, becoming certified organic growers over thirty years ago.


Our commitment only deepened when we partnered with long standing, organic berry growers.  A quarter of century in organic berry production caught our attention and had our respect immediately.


With nearly 75 years of combined organic growing experience, we intend to make Wholesum the organic berry you love to trust, and can't wait to eat.

Healthier products for our customers.

Safer environments for our workers.

We understand and share your concerns about consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Not only are they potentially harmful to you and your family, but also to the environment. The good news is there are no berries on the market that contain GMOs.


As organic growers, our berries are also free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other dangerous materials — ensuring Wholesum strawberries and blueberries remain as they were always meant to be.

Non-GMO Guarantee

Certifications that matter most to us,

because they matter most to you.

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