Chasing Seasons to Bring You the Berry Best.


Our goal at Wholesum™ is to hand off our farms in better condition than we found them to the next generation of growers. That’s why we invest in the latest advances in sustainable organic-growing technology.


  • Ability to control humidity and temperature for ideal growing conditions
  • Using controlled environment barriers — like screens, plastics and glass — to keep out pests, bugs and other bad things
  • Water recycling and efficiencies — water is recycled three times and averages 40 percent recirculation
  • All organic-certified fields and industry-leading container-growing technology
  • In 2012, 34 percent of the electricity we consumed was produced by photovoltaic solar cells
  • A comprehensive, responsible approach to growing and a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming


These practices are just the beginning. We’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.


Partner Growers

To ensure year-round availability, we partner with other family-owned and operated organic growers that span from California to South America.


Our partners must meet our high standards of certified organic growing, corporate responsibility and fair labor. As successful growers, we know strength in agriculture comes from working with other socially conscious family farms and helping them grow — we’ll even assist them with achieving Fair Trade certification.

Organic growing at its best in the U.S. & South America.

Growing Regions



California, Florida



Georgia, California, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Chile, Argentina

Certifications that matter most to us,

because they matter most to you.

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