Our Fair Trade Commitment to Our Workers.


It’s not enough to say, “We care for our employees.” Social responsibility requires action, and Wholesum™ has a long tradition of empowering our communities.


Wholesum is committed to fair sourcing, and to be Fair Trade certified means we guarantee our workers:

  • Child care, medical care and pharmacy at no cost
  • Safety, equity and fairness in the workplace
  • Clear wage reporting and pay days
  • Fair Trade certified housing

 Visit www.fairtradeusa.org to find out more.


Empowering Our Workforce To Build Their Communities

There are a lot of questions and confusion about Fair Trade practices: what that means, how the premiums are used and if they really help the workers. At Wholesum, we’ve witnessed firsthand the communities our workers have created for themselves.


Beyond Fair Trade: Supporting Our Worker Community:

  • Wholesum Berry Growers work closely with many charities, including Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, who strives to have a positive impact in the lives of children with pediatric cancer and help their families deal with the challenges they are in, including counseling, education, meals, groceries and transportation.
  • Wholesum Berry Growers in Chile have implemented a mobile dental clinic. The dental clinic has traveled more than 5,000 km in the past year for their employees and their children, and people of the communities surrounding our fields.
  • Our US growers in Michigan working on building a new center offering both youth and adults plans to connect with the school to reach students and explain the opportunities that will be available.
  • In our growing regions in California, the local community is largely made up of farmworker families, many who work for one of our grower-owners. When schools are closed, the playgrounds are locked, leaving no other public areas for recreation. In 2015, our family farm owners partner with local Rotary clubs to help build community parks. To date, the first completed Park has continued to be improved and added to -children’s play activities, barbecue areas, and plans are underway to renovate the neighboring baseball field.



100% of Fair Trade premiums benefit our workers.

Support Fair Food Sourcing

We pay the fees, provide staff to support the Fair Trade program and help the committee however we can. That is our responsibility in the fair sourcing food chain. The Fair Trade premium is how we ask that you also source fairly.

Certifications that matter most to us,

because they matter most to you.

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